Who Can Sign Up for Instrumental Music Classes?

Students entering the NHS Instrumental Music program with four or more years in Elementary & Middle School Band/Orchestra will be ready to step right in and are likely to enter the group on their preferred instrument. Students with at least one year of Band or Orchestra in middle school will need to be prepared to work hard to catch up. Students who are new on their instrument are not recommended to start right away and will need to take private lessons on their instrument for about 6 months to be prepared for these groups.

register at your middle school or nhs admissions:

  • String Orchestra 3rd period = Bowed String Orchestra (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass)

  • Perfroming Band 4th period = Marching Band & Concert Band (Trumpet, Flute, Sax, Drum, & Colorguard, etc…)

  • Jazz Ensemble 5th period = Jazz Band –Audition Only– (must be co-enrolled in another Instrumental Music Class – reccommended for 10th through 12th grade students)

  • Beginning Gutiar 6th period = Guitar Class (reccommended for Juniors & Seniors needing a VPA class to graduate no audition/must have your own acoustic guitar)

  • “ConcertBand” 7th period = Drumline & Colorguard (students in Drumline are required to be enrolled in 4th period and are expected to read percussion music, Colorguard also meets at 4th period captains need to be enrolled in both)


Sign Up with Mr. Riendeau:

All incoming freshman will need to interview with Mr Riendeau with their instrument and a piece of music that they have been working on. A  parent/guardian should also attend.  Instrumental Interviews begin after Memorial Day Weekend from 3:30 until 5:00 pm daily after school. This is NOT an audition, just a chance to meet with the Director one on one. Important information for NHS Summer Band Camp, other summer music camps and summer fundraising events will be given out to ease the transition and enter the program at full speed.

To sign up for an interview, and if you have questions about this process please contact the NHS Music Office at 253-3705.


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