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One Time Card Donations

Please support the choir program by making a one-time TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to the choir!


Monthly Donations

Even better, make a monthly TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation. Can you contribute $10 $20, $50 a month? 



Your contribution to our Sponsorship Fund will help provide our program with essentials such as Sheet Music, Performance Attire, Transportation Costs, Scholarships (Tour and College) and Administrative Services.  The State of California only provides $4 per student per year to our program - to put this into perspective, a single copy of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus," which is learned and performed by over 250 of the students in our program each year, costs $2.95 per student! In order to maintain our level of excellence, our program needs the financial support of the community, businesses and anyone who supports music in the schools. We need your help!

As a program sponsor, your name/business name will be prominently listed in our concert performance programs (we have 7 formal performances each year). In addition, sponsors will receive concert and event tickets and other "sponsor only" benefits!  You can use the Sponshorship Form to support the program.  If you have questions, you can find out more about our sponsorship levels by contacting




Tax Deductible Donations

The Napa High School Choral Department provides you with the ability to make a safe, secure, and tax-deductible donation online with a credit card.

No donation is too small, so please consider making a tax-deductible donation TODAY!

Donations allow the choral department to purchase sheet music, risers, award scholarships, collaborate with adjudicators and coaches, and also help with transportation costs!


A Delicious Way to Support our Programs!

The Napa High School Choral Department is completely supported by our community fundraising efforts.  During this Covid impacted year, our normal fund raising activities have been impossible to maintain.  However, our generous local businesses are still sponsoring Dine-and-Donate events where you can enjoy a delicious meal or treat, AND donate to our programs at the same time!  Below are our upcoming events.

Moschetti Artisan Coffee Roaster

     When you buy a lb. of fundraiser coffee, 50% of proceeds go to our program. 
     Click here to order the Ensemble Blend or our Sumatra Decaf

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